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Clear Lungs Sport

Clear Lungs Sport

ClearLungs® Sport is our ClearLungs® formula designed especially for athletes. We take our original, #1 selling ClearLungs® formula and add additional herbs to encourage capacity for increased performance and endurance. The ingredients in ClearLungs® Sport have been shown to help:


  • Support lung strength and endurance*

  • Encourage oxygenation*

  • Optimize athletic performance*

The type of intense physical exertion athletes thrive on may put additional strain on the respiratory system above and beyond what the average person experiences. There is nothing worse than feeling added stress to your lungs - especially as an athlete. RidgeCrest Herbals' ClearLungs® Sport provides support specific to the respiratory needs of those who excel. And by excel, I mean who do great things, not those who can use a spreadsheet. Though you can do some pretty amazing things with spreadsheets, too. If you think about it, Al Capone would have been in jail years earlier if there had been a function key back then.

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